Who We Are

A small passionate and dynamic team with a varied skill set and background. We move fast and are not afraid to change course.

What We Do

We work hard in challenging the status quo. We believe in thinking differently. We believe a solution might not suit todays needs and will certainly not be the one we will embrace tomorrow.

How We Do It

We like to invent new stuff, test new technologies and apply new solutions. We work in an eco-system approach where all actors are equally important. bCheck is shaped all of us: clients, partners, investors, team members.

About our Journey so far

May 2017

A rough idea, a kernel was placed in the hands of two eager pioneers incubated in the #Next Accelerator powered by EDF Luminus.

June 2017

In a few weeks a prototype was develloped and tested on several boilers with promosing results.

September 2017
Roll out

Several hundred fully operational prototypes starting to be placed in peoples homes to collect data from the first heating season.

November 2017
Collecting data

All devices are placed and collecting valuable data. “proven tech” first breakdowns and we can see them 48h in advance. Eureka!

January 2018

First test version of the bCheck chat bot goes live! Soon it will be able to contact troubled customers and provide then with personalized solutions.

March 2018
Algorithms and hardware 2.0

Further development on the inteligence behind the data continues and new algorithms are being tested. New version of sensor devices developped.

May 2018
Front end update

Expansion of our visual represenstation of our entire platform

October 2018
Preperation rollout POC 2

Production and assebly of larger batch of modules finishing up and ready to ship to our customers